Linda Griffiths

The Last Dog of War


Written and performed by Linda Griffiths
Direction and dramaturgy by Daniel MacIvor

Griffiths and MacIvor, team up to produce a theatrical true-life story.  Written and performed by Griffiths, MacIvor is the midwife, who helped to shape this show when it was done right off the plane after Griffiths’ epic trip to Northern England.
Linda Griffiths’ The Last Dog of War is the true-life tale of a trip she makes with her father to the U.K., to the last reunion of his RAF comrades, 49th Squadron, Bomber Command. The show speaks of a long ago war and a present war: between the Allies and Nazis –between a father and daughter.  What is it to be raised the daughter of a war veteran? It’s a fierce and wondrous trip as father and daughter travel through many obstacles towards guns blazing in the night – from urban North America to the empty airfields of the Lancaster bombers. 


Age of Arousal has had nine professional productions to date – Calgary, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Austin Texas, North Carolina, Winnipeg, Niagra on the Lake (the Shaw Festival). Upcoming international productions include The Royal Lyceum in Edinburgh and the Tron in Glasgow.  


Photo Credits:
Poster Design by Anne Meighan
Poster Photo by Aviva Armour-Ostroff
Production photos by Guntar Gravis


 A History of the Process of Development (view/download pdf)



“Like everybody else I grew up on Second World War mythologies. Linda's play made me see what's behind all that. I'd forgotten that the men who fight wars have children and those children know
something the rest of us don't.”

Layne Coleman

"Griffiths makes her story accessible by making it very personal...and for much of it,
very funny...although it's got a heavy emotional core, Last Dog of War is wrapped in a layer of sharp observational comedy..."

CBC radio

“Daughter's Stage Flight with 'Old Bastard' a Success"
"Four stars!"
"The effect is to be reminded and deeply appreciative of the sacrifice of "the old bastard"
and his fellow flyboys.”

Winnepeg Free Press

"Griffiths' performance is passionate throughout the 75-minute production,
keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.”

The Unite