A Game of Inches. A one-woman play


Pamela, a proper woman in her early forties, lives alone in a large ancestral house. She has an excellent collection of china, a small inheritance and little contact with men. After a miserable Valentine’s Day, she decides to advertise for a border. A real guy shows up. John rents a room and starts watching baseball on the ancient T.V.. Pamela, who has never seen a sports game in her life, begins to watch as well, forming a bond with both John and the game of inches. Together she and John experience the championship season of the Toronto Blue Jays, 1991. All is not easy in love or sport and inexperience leads to challenges along the way. This is a story about a woman falling in love with a man by falling in love with baseball.
"This piece has all the wit and verve of a Dorothy Parker short story. Anyone who understands the complexity and joy of baseball and love, will respond with open arms. A tour de force."
Alison Gordon, The Toronto Star