Maggie & Pierre


Three characters. Pierre Trudeau, Margaret Trudeau, a journalist named Henry. Maggie and Pierre takes place from 1974 to 1980. Three characters caught in the battle of reason over passion & passion over reason. A nation is changing, a leader has emerged, so has his nemesis - the beautiful flower child Margaret Trudeau. Henry is caught, he loves/hates Pierre, is in love with Maggie, and loves his country. It's a triangle with a nation at stake. What follows is a mock epic, the story of two fatally attracted idealists.

Winner of the first Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding New Play, Winner of Outstanding Performance by a Female.

"The trouble with reviewing Maggie and Pierre is to know where to start admiring it. . .what lifts the play above expectations is it's compassion. Griffiths' explores our erstwhile first couple without ever taking a cheap shot. A play in which every second sentence is memorable. Maggie & Pierre shows power, finesse and insight."
Ray Conologue, The Globe and Mail